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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

When not obsessing over cinnamon rolls, her mini-goldendoodle, or theatre in general, Kirsten can be found teaching high schoolers the thing she has loved most to do in all her growing up years. Writing.

Her journey began writing stories for her Grama every Christmas, which then grew into superhero stories for her siblings and cousins, and eventually a book duo in high school based on the adventures of three siblings. A theme throughout all of Kirsten's writing has always been strong family ties, as her family is most important to her.

Kirsten received her Bachelor's in English from Thomas Edison State University and her Master's in Creative Writing and Literature from Harvard Extension School. During her graduate degree, she wrote a full-length novel for her thesis, which was workshopped for nine months with a Harvard professor. She currently lives in Springfield, MO with her puppy, and teaches high school writing, literature, history, theatre, and debate.

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