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Conference Countdown

By Kirsten Nicole

August 14, 2023

I am counting down the days until my very first writer's conference, when I share my novel for the first time with the publishing world! I have had to give over this project on a daily basis to the Lord, because I tend to keep grabbing it back and obsessing over every detail. Which leads to stress and anxiety...and I desperately want to enjoy this conference. I paid WAY too much money not to enjoy this conference!

However, I have also started the first week of school, am writing curriculum and another play, and have spent the last two days on a high school field trip. So, as a celebration of the conference countdown and because I have very little time to sit and write anything BUT conference prep, I'm going to share with you the hook for Midnight! This is what I will share with an agent in a couple of weeks, and hopefully, it will pique their interest! If it piques your interest, shoot me a message! I'd be happy to share more details. :)

Perhaps you’ve heard how a fairy godmother sent an orphan girl to a gala to find her prince and live happily ever after, but you mustn’t believe everything you hear. For, truly, it was her only chance of escape.
In a world of hyper-feminism, young, Christian women deserve to know that motherhood, biological and adoptive, is a beautiful and powerful calling. While parenthood is not the calling of every woman, healthy parent-child relationships are vastly underrepresented in YA fiction literature, with YA titles often belittling parents and their role.
Midnight, the origin story of Cinderella’s fairy godmother similar in style to Melanie Dickerson’s Thornbeck Series, highlights all types of mother-child relationships, loving and abusive, living and dead, biological and adoptive and explores the ramifications of those relationships. It seeks to show girls that a happily ever after is not strictly relegated to “marrying the prince,” but can include caring for others.
I have the privilege of a beautiful, healthy relationship with my "adoptive" mother, and family has always been such an important part of my life. This story holds raw and personal experience while maintaining a light and whimsical fairytale touch.

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