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By Kirsten Nicole

June 18, 2023

Back in the summer of 2020, my sister, Abby, and my friend, Aleah, were all sitting around working on various projects, when Abby jumped up and began pacing as she explained an idea she had for a play.

Yes, a play.

I have been involved with Stained Glass Theatre in Ozark, MO since Christmas 2019. It is where I met Aleah, and we had always been told that if I wrote a play they would consider producing it onstage.

So, Abby began brainstorming this idea and Aleah and I quickly jumped in as well. A couple weeks later, Abby left for Bible college, and Aleah and I were left to do the work of actually getting this play on paper.

And we did. In just over a year, we wrote a play entitled Foreseen, had an incredible test read-through with actors from the theatre, and submitted it for review by the theatre's script committee and Board.

Perhaps in the near future, I'll have some exciting developments in that regard... *wink wink*

Foreseen is a story of salvation from bondage. Meda is a demon-possessed slave in New Testament Philippi. She has the unique ability to see into the future, and her masters make a great deal of money from this gift. But when Paul the Apostle and Silas cross her path, all she can seem to scream is "These men are servants of the most high God who proclaim to you the way of salvation!" As time goes on and Meda continues to scream and rail at Paul and Lydia every day, Meda's masters become worried her reputation will be damaged, so they contrive a plan to be rid of the missionaries. One of their wives, however, is very intrigued by this "most high God" and considering for herself. For a time, Paul ignores Meda's screaming, but eventually, he will no longer be able to avoid her.

Inspired by Paul's trip to Philippi in Acts 16, this play follows the unique salvation journeys of many characters, and touches on themes of bondage, redemption, and the omnipotence of a God who holds our futures.

Character spotlights and more info on this play to follow!

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Jun 19, 2023

This is so exciting Kirsten! We can't wait to come see it!

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