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Weddings: I Do & I Don't

By Kirsten Nicole

June 14, 2023

You may have noticed I didn't post on Monday. Or you might not have. That's okay too. If you did and you are interested why, I was working as day-of coordinator for a friend's wedding. It was a beautiful day, Godly couple, and sweet time.

This marks working and/or bridal-partying my fourteenth wedding in seven years. Am I proud of this achievement? Maaaaaaybe.

In all seriousness, I have learned some tips and tricks for a smooth day! So, if anyone is are the dos and donts of a wedding day.


  • Don't complain to the bride or groom for any reason whatsoever. Avoid complaining to anyone in the bridal party or family, but most definitely the couple.

  • Don't expect everything to go smoothly. Be prepared to face hiccups with a smile and a can-do attitude! Sometimes those are the most memorable stories.

  • Don't take off your bridal party attire until expressly clear that you can do so. *insert facepalm here*

  • Don't show up late and expect to be seated at the front. *insert another facepalm here*

  • Don't "wing it" when it comes to speeches. I promise you, you'll end up rambling. Plan ahead. You'll feel so much better.


  • Do frequently ask the bride, groom, bridal party, and parents if they need anything. Regardless of what role you're filling. It helps to support each other as it can sometimes be a stressful day.

  • Do prepare yourself for a very long day.

  • Do tell the groomsmen to remove everything from their pockets and wrists. You'll be more pleased with pictures later.

  • Do stay responsible for the bride if a bridesmaid especially (i.e. make her eat and take care of herself...easy for her to forget to do for herself!)

  • Do try to stay right on schedule (when you lose time on a wedding day, you DO NOT get it back).

  • Do give yourself plenty of time for getting ready and pictures. It is so much better to be sitting around waiting than to be rushing and stressed.

  • Do smile lots! It makes everyone happier!

  • Do try your best to keep opinions to yourself, unless working as day-of-coordinator or asked specifically by the bride. Even if it's a REALLY good opinion! Bride and groom's opinion is the one that matters regardless.

  • Do tell the bridesmaids to hold their flowers lower than what is comfortable. It looks better in pictures.

  • Do mark places for bridal party to stand. Looks good in pictures.

  • Do stick around to clean up if you possibly can! Everyone is exhausted by the end of a long day, and it's nice to get out of the venue quickly!

  • Do breathe and enjoy yourself! This is happy day!

  • Do remember this is a day about celebrating the bride and groom! Party accordingly!

There you have it! A few dos and don'ts for the day! Comment other dos and don'ts from your experience! I would love to hear them! And if you know of anyone who would like a day-of coordinator...let me know! :)


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