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The Open Door

May 29, 2023

By Kirsten Nicole

I was sitting at the kitchen table at my grandparents' house this last week, working on various writing tasks. It was a particularly nice day outside, and the door was open so my puppy could go in and out on the back deck as she pleased. Also able to come in and out were a few wasps.

I had already killed one the day before, and this morning I just wasn't feeling up to the adrenaline of chasing a wasp and trying to murder it as it fled for its life. (Don't get me wrong, wasp in the house deserves to die, but I just wasn't feeling motivated.)

So instead, I periodically got distracted by the insect. My grandparents have a large bay window that looks out over the woods and the lake. I was facing this window and the beautiful view. To my right was the open door.

The wasp, however, would not leave the giant bay window. It would buzz and thud against the glass over and over again, flitting up and down, covering the whole surface to try and get outside.

Mind you. The door was open.

The wasp could see where it wanted to go. It saw the light and the beautiful freedom beyond the window, but it didn't take the time to search for other ways of getting there.

I could tell the little creature was growing frustrated. It would stop buzzing and just sit on the window, then pick up buzzing and thudding against the window fruitlessly with renewed energy.

I wondered then...if God doesn't feel this way about us sometimes.

We see where we want to go. We see the beautiful dream that God has placed in our hearts, and we so desperately want to go there, but we're stuck at the window. There is an open door. But we stubbornly refuse to seek out other options. We choose instead to keep pounding against the glass, adamant that we know the way to get where we know the Lord has called us. Perhaps we get angry with God that He gave us this dream but won't let us get there.

When. Mind you. The door is open.

I love how God teaches us lessons through His creation. Even something as small as a wasp in the kitchen.

What lessons has God taught you through creation?


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