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What Do 12 Loaves of Bread and a Classical School Have in Common?

June 7, 2023

By Kirsten Nicole

Image by Couleur on Pixabay

It sounds like the start of some corny joke. But it isn't. Last night, I had the opportunity to go see the final dress rehearsal of Stained Glass Theatre's upcoming show on the life of George Müller. The show is filled with the message that God will provide for His children.

If you don't know much about George Müller, he was an ordinary man who felt called to go into missions. Turns out, this wouldn't be overseas missions, rather George would build five orphan houses in Bristol, England and care for over 10,000 orphans during the course of his life. Every day, he relied solely on the provision of God, knowing that his life was a reflection of God's grace.

Over the last five years, the Lord has been teaching me of His provision in SO many ways. It is such a freeing thing to rest in the fact that God cares for me and my needs. He won't always supply them with the immediacy and in the exact way that I want, but He will meet my needs in abundance.

I never had to look for a job during high school and college. God brought them to me. Literally. Sometimes to my front door. During this time, He provided part-time, flexible jobs before I ever knew I needed them.

Then came graduation. After finishing my Master's, I knew that I needed something full-time. I finished up a year of part-time teaching as I prayerfully considered my options. I didn't pursue anything incredibly hard, as I knew that God would make the direction clear in His time. He began to soften my heart toward full-time teaching at a high school level...and then slowly broadened my horizons from my little hometown to cities surrounding it.

That is when I contacted a classical Christian school in southern Missouri. Interestingly enough, this was the same school where I had attended in first-third grade. I gave my credentials and asked if they had any positions available related to writing or English.

The headmaster told me they did have need of a College Prep writing, high school writing, and ancient literature teacher. Unfortunately, the pay was not going to be sufficient to allow me to live on my own, so...I thought, perhaps, God was closing that door.

I was disappointed, but I kept searching and waiting for direction. I had two other job potential opportunities--as a professor at the local university or teaching at the local, private school--though neither excited me in the same way as this classical school.

The headmaster contacted me via email two weeks later and said that if I was interested in interviewing, he would love to talk with me. I really wanted to say yes. I really wanted to make this work. I asked if there were any other teaching needs I could possibly fill in order to raise the salary.

He gave me a call. Told me he wanted to make this work. So did I. And he asked how much I needed to make in order to consider the position.

I gave my amount.

He said, "We'll do it."

In fact, the amount he had calculated for the position with added classes was almost dollar for dollar the amount that I gave him on the phone.

God's provision and confirmation before I even voiced the need!

The headmaster asked if I would come in for an interview of sorts. I was almost certain that this was where God wanted me, but I didn't close the other doors entirely. The very morning of the interview, I received an email from the local university saying they had no need of another English professor that fall.

Door one. Closed.

As I turned into the parking lot of the school for the interview, I received a text message from the principal of the local, private school saying she would need to reschedule our meeting at which I had planned to discuss opportunities for teaching there.

Door two. Closed.

When I walked into the interview, the headmaster told me,

"You know, I don't normally call teachers back. But I really felt the Lord leading me to contact you again."

I told him I was glad he did. Later in the interview, he said,

"You know, when God wants you here. He'll provide for you. Sometimes in the most miraculous, mind-blowing ways. But He always does. Time and again."

I was sold. Yes, God.

Fast forward, He has provided in so many ways this first year of teaching. Sometimes He doesn't provide immediately. Sometimes, my faith in His provision is tested. Sometimes, He waits. Many times, I feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit in my anxious moments... "I have been so faithful to you. Will you trust Me now?"

And when He has so richly supplied all of my needs, how could I ever say no?

George Müller was approached by his wife one evening. She told him they had no money in the house and they had no bread for dinner for the children. George Müller prayed for 12 loaves of bread, and that very night, a man came with 12 loaves of bread he had been baking the entire day for them as a gift. God supplied for the need.

A small, classical Christian school in southern Missouri prepared financially, prayerfully seeking a new teacher. God prepared my heart for the move before I even knew I was going to teach there. God supplied for the need. And He continues to do so ever faithfully.

So what do 12 loaves of bread and a classical school have in common? God's abundant grace and miraculous provision.

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Jun 07, 2023

Love this! Such an incredible story and reminder of God’s incredible provision!

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